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June 26, 2017

GAZELLE E-BIKE RIDE OUT SALE We have three models of these wonderful Dutch Built E-Bikes (electric or pedal assist if you prefer) available at reduce … read more

Wet Bike Path’s

June 8, 2016

Drizzle was forecast for the day ahead but I had strong intentions of going for a ride. With the Cyclocross (CX) bike in the stable … read more

Dirty Gran Fondo

June 2, 2016

Winter has rolled in around Melbourne and to keep me commuting in (what I would classify as) freezing conditions, I was feeling like I would need … read more


December 10, 2015

Nothing in cycling matches Australia’s Coastal Living Culture better than a Fat Bike No one builds a better Men’s, Women’s or Kid’s Fat Bike than … read more

Tour of Bright 2015

December 8, 2015

Bike riders pilgrimage to Bright due to the variety of riding options at your disposal. A rail trail dissects the town along with mountain bike … read more

Rice Cakes: Raspberry Mint Recipe

December 1, 2015

With a mint plant growing in the backyard I thought I should give this rice cake variety a go for the weekend For a half … read more

Sunday Funday – Racing

November 24, 2015

For me the goal of riding on Sunday is all about the unstructured joy of riding my bike. Depending on where I am for the … read more


November 18, 2015

At  iBikesAustralia we have been committed to WOMEN WHO RIDE for a number of years, it is part of our philosophy, but now, in conjunction with … read more

Rice Cakes??

November 11, 2015

Honestly Rice Cakes aren’t made for a blog post, they are made for eating and devour them I do. Chocolate/Blueberry, Apple/Cinnamon, Egg/Bacon, Banana/Nutella and I … read more

Riding in Taipei

November 4, 2015

When I thinking of riding a bike out of a capital city in Asia I don’t imagine it being very enjoyable. Likely to involve a … read more

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